PUBLIC SCHOOLS - From 11 or 13 years of age.

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Public schools in England are long established, selective independent secondary schools.  They admit students either aged 11 (year 7) or 13 (year 9). 

For entry into those years a formal exam must be completed, 11+ for year 7 and the Common Entrance for year 9. 

If a student was to enter the school in any other year it would require a number of less formal exams that can be taken either at the school or at the British Institute within the country of residence, depending on the school, and an interview. 

Like the prep schools, public schools fall into one the following categories: Catholic/schools with religious affiliations, girls or boy only and co-educational.

All the public school in England and Wales are equipped with extremely impressive facilities whether it be in art, maths and science, sport, or DT ( Design Technology).