Tutores legales


Most Boarding Schools in United Kingdom and Ireland demand that overseas students have a local legal guardian. This is to ensure that if any unforeseen incidents occur the guardian can assist immediately.

Although the well-being and safety of the student rest mainly with the boarding school, the guardian is the parents’ legal representative and can be authorised, for example, to sign medical consent forms.  Also, if the airport closes for meteorological reasons the guardian will assist the student and provide accommodation until the student flies back home.

The guardian must meet a number of requirements, including being of age, resident in the country and be available to attend to any emergencies during the student’s stay at the school. Therefore, it is important that the guardian lives relatively close to the school in which the student resides.

Boarding Schools Abroad, in addition to selecting the best schools for each of our students, offer a Guardianship Service for all students who have registered with us. We have a large network of guardians/host families who have been carefully selected and vetted.

Our students will have the opportunity to meet their Guardian/host family through a Skype interview before they leave for school. The students and their family will be able to personally meet their Guardian/host family once they reach their destination.

The responsibilities of the guardian vary according to the country. You can find additional information regarding this service if you click on the United Kingdom or Ireland link.


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