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There are over 400 boarding schools in the UK and to ensure you select, and are able to secure a place in the right school for your child, it is crucial to obtain professional advice.

At Boarding Schools Abroad we offer a tailor-made service. We are completely independent and have no exclusivity agreements and this allows us to find the best possible school for your child.

The independent British education system remains at the forefront of educational innovation and creativity and each school has its own distinguishing features and qualities. The success of the independent sector partly lies in the smaller than average classes allowing the student much more individual attention but also the innovative teaching methods and the extensive curriculum which not only covers academic subjects but also the arts and sport. These schools focus on discovering, developing and nurturing the child’s passions while supporting and building self-esteem.

England has two types of boarding schools:

  • Independent or private boarding schools which are fee paying
  • State boarding schools which are managed and financed by central/local government. Parents who wish to send their children to state boarding schools only pay for the boarding facilities.

The private boarding schools sector includes:

  • Preparatory schools, or “prep” schools for 7 to 13 year olds.
  • Senior schools, also called Public schools for 11/13 to 18 year olds
  • Some schools do cover children from the age 7 to 18.

AGE FROM: from 7 years

EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM: British and International Baccalaureate (IB)

SCHOOL YEAR: September to July


  • Exeats (weekends): between 1 and 8 in the school year.
  • Half Term (mid-term break, minimum one week)
  • Christmas/Easter/Summer.

PRICES FROM: £ 7,000  / term

types of school


From 7 years old


From 11 / 13 years old


From 11 / 13 years old

our services

At Boarding Schools Abroad we offer a bespoke service.  Our advice is impartial and independent and only after fully assessing the child do we recommend the schools that reflect the needs, interests and abilities of each child.

The process for selecting the ideal boarding schools is as follows:

  1. Personal interview: In order to identify both the needs of the student and their family an interview is organised with our child psychologist, Susana Villaneuva, who assesses the student’s academic and personal record.
  2. Recommendation: Following the interview we recommend two boarding schools with places available.
  3. Detailed information on the school: Our boarding school recommendations include a detailed information pack on each institution including the facilities, academic and extracurricular options, sports and art, and the school calendar along with a budget for the school year.
  4. Registration: We manage both the documentation and payments associated with registering at the recommended schools.
  5. Student preparation: We assist the student in preparing for the entrance exams and interviews.
  6. Visits to the schools: We organise tours of the schools before a final decision is made.
  7. Acceptance of a place: Following the acceptance of a place we manage the documentation and payments.

Additional information and support

  1. Guardian service available: Sarah Goslett will act as legal guardian for students studying at boarding schools in the UK. She will be in regular contact with the schools to ensure the child is happy and settling in.
  2. On going support: Susana Villanueva, our child psychologist, will be available for consultations if there are any concerns.
  3. Tutors: If the student needs additional academic support before joining the school we can recommend UK based tutors.

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