Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools

For a child to spend time at a boarding school in either the UK, Switzerland or Ireland is a unique and fulfilling experience that they will remember all their lives.

In addition to substantially improving their language, they will make lifelong friends, increase their self-esteem and become more mature and independent.

Boarding school offers numerous benefits for students.  The broad curriculum, which includes music, art and sport; the interactive teaching and the raft of extracurricular activities add up to a potentially life changing experience. Students are immersed in the language and culture of the country and leave more open minded and accepting.

The quality of the teaching is excellent in the schools we recommend and the classes are small so every child receives individual attention. The result being the student develops and grows academically and personally.

Private boarding schools have first class facilities for sport, the arts and the sciences and the many school trips bring the classroom lessons to life.

Weekends are full of activities and excursions.

The pastoral care in the schools we recommend is excellent.

Choosing a school and destination is difficult.  Each country and school has their own culture, distinguishing features and qualities. It is important to get professional advice.

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