The function and responsibilities of the guardian/host familiy are as follows:

  1. Available 24/7
  2. Organise flights home.
  3. Airport pick-ups and drop-offs and general travel logistics.
  4. Settle the student into their new school on the first day of term.
  5. Responsible for buying and marking the school uniform, which will be waiting at the school upon arrival.
  6. Purchase of textbooks which will be waiting at the school upon arrival.
  7. Available to resolve any issues that arise during their stay.
  8. Accommodation includes full board and entertainment during exeats and half term.
  9. The host family will receive the students and their families upon their arrival at school.

Before the student arrives in Ireland, we will select a guardian/host family who is based close to the school. They will attend to all of the student’s needs during their stay. Through a Skype interview, the student will have the opportunity to meet their guardian/host family before leaving for Ireland. On arrival, the guardian will be waiting for the student at the airport to take them to their new school.

Hinarejos family

“It is comforting to know that Boarding Schools Abroad offer a guardianship service for when there are setbacks: cancelled flights or fixed exeats that they can’t return home for, to name a few.  Staying with a British family certainly adds to the overall experience of an education abroad.”

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