Stay with a family

stay with a family

“In Ireland we offer the extraordinary opportunity of studying in a local day school while living with an Irish family. It is undoubtedly one of the best and fastest ways to become fluent in English. Students experience a new culture and way of life which broadens their mind and helps them become more independent, mature and confident.”

Ireland is a great destination for students over the age of 12 who want to learn or improve their English fast. Students live as a local, experience a new culture and make life long friends.

Schooling in Ireland with a host family allows a great deal of flexibility.  It gives the student the opportunity to choose between different types of schools and families and the length of their stay, be it one term, a year, or more.

The warm, friendly and welcoming nature of the Irish enables the students to settle in fast.

The school year in Ireland begins the last week of August and ends in May. There is also half term, a mid-term break, for a minimum of one week every term, as well as Christmas and Easter holidays. Students travel to Ireland the weekend before they start school.

educational system

Ireland’s secondary school system consists of two cycles: the Junior Cycle and the Senior Cycle.

Junior Cycle (1st, 2nd and 3rd year) 12 to 15 years of age. This cycle ends with the official 3rd year exam called the Junior Certificate. (International students are not required to sit these exams to validate their studies.)

Senior Cycle (4th, 5th and 6th year) 15 to 18 years of age. The first year of this cycle is called 4th year or Transition year. It is a very popular course with less academic content and no exams but teaches life skills and exposes children to work experience and creative enterprise. The 5th and 6th years prepare students for the end of cycle exam called the Leaving Certificate.

More information about the Irish education system

day schools

Public or state schools are only accessible to EEC students, private schools are available to students from all over the world.

Private schools can be co-educational or singe sex. Most have on a school uniform.

Both school books and uniforms will be delivered to the student once they arrive in Ireland.  Students will need to choose their non-compulsory subjects before they arrive and these vary according to which academic year they will be joining.

It is highly recommended that students participate in as much extracurricular and sporting activities as possible.  This helps the student integrate and make friends much more quickly.

host families

At Boarding Schools Abroad we carry out a rigorous vetting process of all the host families and make a very careful selection. The student will be able to meet the host family via Skype before they arrive to get to know them a little and share any concerns.

The Irish families we use are very welcoming and warm and the student will be made to feel part of the family. It is important however, that the student respects the rules of the house and adheres to curfews and meal times.

The family immersion program offers every type of family – families with children and without, single parents, older parents and some are couples with no children. Some host families prefer to have more than one overseas student, but never the same nationality.  The student will be able to choose the type of family that best suits their needs.

The student will be provided with their own room with a study area and full board. From Monday to Friday the student will take breakfast and dinner at home with the family. For lunch, the family will provide a packed-lunch to be taken to school. The student’s laundry will be performed by the host family.

AGE: 12 to 18 years

TYPES OF SCHOOLS: public or private


€ 8,300 term

€ 12,200 year

supervision during the students stay

During the academic year, our local coordinator will always be on hand to help and support the student.

At the beginning of the course the co-ordinator will visit the student weekly to make sure that they are integrating well into the school and enjoying the host family. It is very important that the student is open with the co-ordinator and shares any concerns whether it be the school, host family or the extracurricular activities, so they can be assisted in the best possible way.

From Spain our team will be in contact with the parents to assist them in everything they need.

To ensure the success of the program, it is essential we interview the student and their family and receive a detailed academic and personal profile.  This enables us to fully understand the expectations and needs with regards to both the school and host family and ensures a unique and unforgettable experience.

prices and conditions


From € 9,200


from €13,100 year


from €18,200 year


  • Full board accommodation with an Irish host family.
  • Place in a public or private school.
  • Airport transfers at the start and end of the academic year.
  • Family accommodation during half term.
  • Health insurance for accidents, sickness, and civil liability.
  • Advise regarding school convalidation.
  • Student supervision in Ireland through our local co-ordinators.
  • Local team and BSA office available 24/7 during the stay.


  • Flights.
  • Personal expenses or public transport.
  • Text books.
  • School uniform.
  • Accommodation during holiday periods (Christmas and Easter).
  • Local transfers, in the case of family accommodation.
  • School equipment.
  • Registrations and official examination fees.
  • Expenses for excursions and end-of-course trips.
  • Transition Year – 4th year rate.


School uniform and text books on average cost Euros 800.

Schedule of payment:

  • 30% of total price on signing contract
  • 45% of total price before 15th April
  • Final 25% due before 1st July.

our services

At Boarding Schools Abroad, we offer a bespoke service.  Our advice is impartial and independent and we select the best families and schools according to the needs of the student and their family

The process for selecting the ideal family and school is as follows:

  1. Personal interview: In order to identify both the needs of the student and their family an interview is organised with our child psychologist, Susana Villaneuva, who assesses the student’s academic and personal record.
  2. Personal interview with our Irish counterparts: An interview is then organised with our Irish partners to explore the best family and school options.
  3. Recommendation: Following the interviews we provide the family with details of the recommended school.
  4. Detailed information on the school: Our school recommendation includes a detailed information pack on the institution including the facilities, academic and extracurricular options, sports and art, and the school calendar along with a budget for the school year.
  5. Registration and reservation of a place at the school: We manage both the documentation and payments associated with registering and reserving a place at the recommended school.
  6. Interview with the host family: A few weeks before the student’s arrival in Ireland we provide all the information about the host family and organise a video conference so they can meet and answer any queries or concerns.
  7. Uniform and school books: We organise the purchase and naming of the uniform and textbooks which will be waiting for the student upon their arrival. We also provide details of all other items required including school equipment and non-uniform clothing.
  8. Comprehensive information pack: Before travelling to Ireland, we provide an information pack that contains details of the following:
  9. Term dates including bank holidays
  10. School and host family rules
  11. Supervision and communication with the student once in Ireland
  12. Travel information and documentation
  13. Sundries required
  14. Supervision during the school year: Our office in Spain will be in regular contact with the family. Students have an area coordinator who visits them regularly to ensure they are happy and settling in with the host family and their new school.
  15. Follow-up report: We will provide follow-up reports for the family detailing the student’s progress at school and the activities they have chosen, and how well they have settled in with the host family.
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