Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions

Agreement – Boarding Schools Abroad – Terms & Conditions

  1. BOARDING SCHOOLS ABROAD, hereafter BSA, hereby receives the mandate to provide bespoke advice and search for the selected services: Boarding School, Homestay, Relocations, Summer Camps, Family Summer Camps, University or Guardianship within the required country: United Kingdom, Ireland or Switzerland in line with the requirements provided by the client.
  2. Summary of our offer:
    1. BSA offer a bespoke search and on-going management service to parents. 
    2. Both Sonia Rodriguez and Sarah Goslett, Directors of BSA, are permanently available before, during and after the service search process.
    3. Because BSA DOES NOT hold any exclusivity arrangements with any of our schools or centers this allows us to be fully impartial when recommending schools ensuring we find the right school, camp, university for your child.
    4. We will deal with the management and reservation of a place at the selected school, camp or university on the client’s behalf as well as assisting with the selection of extracurricular activities and support tuition should these be required.
    5. We can perform English tests and provide advice on entrance exams, should the school require this.
    6. Sarah Goslett can act as “legal guardian” of the children studying in the boarding school. Sarah will be permanently available to ensure the proper integration of the child.  
    7. Sarah Goslett will provide accommodation for the children in case of emergency and will ensure children are look after properly during their stay outside school times.
    8. We can provide educational counseling through Susana Villanueva, trained psychologists, who will be available for consultation before and during the stay in the school.

    Please note that regarding the boarding schools with which we work have a high demand from English parents and children and the number of foreign students permitted can be limited. In order to maximise the range of potential schools we recommend starting the search at least one year in advance.

  3. In order to start the process the client needs to complete, sign and forward the following documentation to BSA.
    • Terms and Conditions agreement signed and dated.
    • Service questionnaire form completed.
    • Payment confirmation made to BSA.
  4. Once BSA has received all the required documentation we will:
    • Schedule an interview in person or via Skype to discuss the necessary requirements for the family and the child. Interviews will apply to all services except summer and family camps.
    • Commence a bespoke service search reflecting the specific requirements as agreed.
    • Once the search is complete, we will provide suitable solutions including our recommendations.
    • Our recommendations will be comprehensive and will include:
      1. A full school/ summer camp/ university profile (to include academic record, sports and other available extra curricula activities, pastoral care, location/ accessibility, profile of pupils etc.)
      2. Industry expert analysis and advice.
      3. Details of location and nearest airport as well as any supported child collection services and other travel assistance.
      4. Timetable and programme of term dates and duration, Exeats frequency and holiday arrangements, requirement for a guardian.
      5. Complete annual budget in GBP (School fees, uniforms, extra school activities), but excluding travel to and from the UK.
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