There is a huge range of Summer Camps available throughout the UK making the right selection a challenge.

At Boarding Schools Abroad we provide a personalised service for finding the right Summer Camps for each child and will fully consider the child's requirements and interests, whether sports, art, music, drama, farm camp, multiactivity, language and whether in a rural or urban base.  We also believe it is very important to consider the size camp, some children will adapt better in a small family camp with 20 campers and others will have more fun in larger 100+ camper sites.

We also provide a family summer camp service, where parents and children would travel to the UK looking for a cultural experience. We can facilitate the rental of houses or apartments in cities, country side or on the coast. Together with this we will also provide a relevant day camp for the children.

All of our summer camps have a long tradition and we only use the best providers in the country.



  1. Bespoke assessment and search of suitable camp options for children and families.
  2. Booking and management of places.
  3. Coordination of transport arrangements including Unaccompanied Minors
  4. We are available throughout the summer camp period to respond to any queries either parents or children may have whilst in the UK