Sonia knows first-hand the intricacies of British education, as she studied at a British school in Madrid and, at the age of fourteen years, she went to a British boarding school in Montreux (Switzerland), where she studied the last three years of high school. Subsequently, she achieved the Business Management Degree at the University of Nebrija in Madrid. There, she was granted an Erasmus scholarship and finished her degree at the Thames Valley University in London. Moreover she has worked for seven years in London, in a British multinational company. She returned to Spain in 2003, where for seven years she was the Sales manager of a Danish multinational company.

During her stay in London, Sonia met her husband, who is British and also educated in English boarding schools. They have three children, Harry, Oliver and Sam, who continue the family tradition: they are students of a British school in Madrid and, when the time comes, they will enter a boarding school in England.

Sonia knows the Anglo-Saxon system to perfection thanks to her professional experience in England. Se has also carefully studied the world of English boarding schools to offer alternatives to customers in accordance with the needs of their children and family altogether. The most important thing is to open the doors of the host country and guide both parents and children in this unique experience which involves spending one or more years abroad. 

Sarah was educated at boarding schools in England from the age of 9.  Her family was based abroad so she has first hand knowledge of being educated in a different country from that of her parents. She also understands the challenges of relocation, having done it many times as a child.  Having now also done in-depth research for her own three children, Benedict 13, William 12, and Polly 10, from nursery school through to public school, she has great insight and knowledge of the British educational system and strong links with head teachers of schools across southern England. 

After completing her studies, Sarah started her career as a Lloyds broker for TL Ireland.  She then moved to an international head hunting firm, The Whitney Group, where she specialized in recruiting for Investment banks.  She was only to make one more move, to The Consulting Partnership, before putting her career on hold to have children.  

Sarah joined Boarding Schools Abroad in 2013.

Sarah lives in Putney, London with her husband Peter and their three children.

His eldest son, Benedict, studies at Eton College, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Britain.

William will enter The King's School, Canterbury, a boarding school in Kent in September 2015. 

Polly attends The Harrodian School, a day school in London

Susana is a trained psychologist and owns a psychology and psychotherapy clinic in Madrid. 

usana has a studied number of Master, including:

Masters in Education (Washington University, USA)

Masters in Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents.

Susana has worked for 30 years within the framework for prevention and treatment with families.

She  has collaborated with a center for childbirth preparation for many years.

She has trained teachers to work with various universities and early age intervention teams.

Susana is a lecturer at parents forums and councils.

Susana takes part in the initial interviews with the families and children to help recommend the best school for each child.

Chris currently teaches history at the Madrid Campus of Saint Louis University. He has a degree and doctorate from the University of London (Queen Mary College), and has been teaching at university for over 20 years, the first 15 in Wales and England (LSE, Cardiff University and Lancaster University). In Cardiff, for 8 years, he was responsible for undergraduate admissions in the School of European Studies, which gave him firsthand experience of University admissions procedures. Later, in Lancaster, before moving to Madrid, Chris was Director of Postgraduate Research, which included responsibility for MA admissions. He has now been part of the american university system for 5 years. He has wide knowledge of the University systems both in the UK and in the USA, and is an acknowledged expert in Spanish History. His research has been translated into Castilian, French and Italian.