At Boarding Schools Abroad we offer a personalised service for students at all stages who are looking to pursue an education in the UK, whether for a year or a longer period of time.

We have a deep knowledge of the British education system and direct access to a comprehensive range of boarding schools, day schools, universities and summer camps. At Boarding Schools Abroad we provide a personalised service taking into account the child's interests, strengths and preferences as well as the family's expectations.

We also provide a bespoke educational and lifestyle advice for families who relocate to the UK with their children and are looking for accommodation as well as schools. Understanding the family's lifestyle, expectations as well as their children’s education requirements is crucial to identifying the optimal solution.  

Finally, we provide higher education advice through our understanding and contacts within the British universities system to students who are thinking of studying for a degree in the UK. With 150 universities, the UK offer endless opportunities. However, finding the most suitable university and degree can be a challenge to any student.

Please refer to our "How We May Help" section for detailed information regarding the services we provide for selecting boarding schools, day schools, universities and summer camps.


Boarding Schools - An English Tradition

When you seek excellence in education Britain is the destination of choice.

For the British, giving their children a first-class education is essential and traditionally this is provided through the boarding-school system. 

The British educational methodology focuses on the individual, highlighting the talents of each and accompanying students in those areas in which they need improvement.  In the British educational system, those who are brilliant in maths are just as valued as those who excel in music, art or sport.

To accommodate the wide range of disciplines, British boarding schools provide first class facilities. Children can, for example, develop their creativity in the art or design technology departments, learn to play the violin in a private music studio or perform experiments in science labs equipped with centrifuges, fume cupboards and autoclaves. Many of these schools are set in acres of land surrounded extensive games fields and parkland which allow students to enjoy a variety of sports such as tennis, cricket, golf, hockey, rugby and soccer, among others. British children have enviable opportunities to develop not only their intellect but also their creative and sporting skills.

In Britain today there are 465 independent boarding schools and 38 state boarding schools located throughout the country.  Finding the right school among the more than 500 schools for your child is a daunting prospect, however, we ensure that the children we place are in a school environment that is structured to meet their particular needs and enables them to grow and enrich their knowledge and development whilst having a wonderful, life affirming experience.

Our schools

Boarding Schools Abroad DOES NOT receive any commission. This allows us to be fully independent in choosing the schools with which we work.

Our schools have been selected on the comprehensive regional knowledge of Sarah Goslett, Partner and Co-founder of Boarding Schools Abroad. Furthermore, we work with an educational counsellor, Susana Villanueva, who will meet and assess the child and helps us find the ideal school.

We have visited many, many schools to achieve the portfolio of places with which we work today at Boarding Schools Abroad. We have excellent relationships with the School Heads and we are in regular contact to keep abreast of the progress and developments in each of the schools.

Our selection of schools is based on the academic levels achieved by the students, but equally important are the sporting, art and music facilities, which also need to be first class.  However, what we value more than any of the above is what the English term Pastoral Care, i.e., the family atmosphere and sense of community. We value especially the way in which head teachers, teachers, matrons and the rest of the school team, including the students, help with the integration of the new children in order to make sure that everyone is happy, making friends and so have a fruitful, enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

We recommend starting the search for the school as early as possible, preferably eighteen months before you wish to join. This way, you will have access to the best schools and will be able to successfully choose the most appropriate, which are often in great demand and over subscribed.