Spending time abroad with the whole family can be a very enriching experience and opens up the possibility of your child attending a British day school as an alternative to boarding school.

Day schools as well as boarding schools can also provide a first class education in the UK. State schools are free for UK and European residents.

However some of the best schools, especially in London are highly sought after and can be difficult to access, as such it is crucial to understand each child’s capabilities as well as family expectations when considering these schools.

Schools outside London tend to be more accessible and provide a wider range of facilities in all areas sports, music and arts. They are often set on much bigger campuses and have extensive land and gardens within which children can play.



At Boarding Schools Abroad we offer a bespoke advisory service for families who are looking to relocate to UK for a period of time, taking into account the family's lifestyle and expectations.

  1. Bespoke advice and recommendation on schools for all children within the family.  
    • English tests and advice on entrance exams should the school require this.
    • We can provide english teachers and tutors.
    • Management and reservation of a place at the selected school, in addition to the selection of extracurricular activities and support tuition should these be required.
  2. House hunting, we work closely together with the top real estate agencies in UK. We can accommodate the family's specific requirements and lifestyle.
  3. Domestic service advice.
  4. Detailed budget regarding house and school fees.