If you want to study in the UK, we will help you select the right University from over 150 universities and university-level higher education colleges. We will also help you find the ideal course from among the vast range available. Through discussion, we will present you with questions and information that will assist you in selecting the best place. This is crucial because you will be making a commitment that will impact directly on the next three years of your life and beyond: acquiring the right degree will heavily determine your professional future.  

Once we are happy that you have found the right place to study, we will help you negotiate the application process, advising you on how to complete the UCAS form, in the full knowledge that you have made a fully informed choice. You will then be free to focus on your studies and ensure that you obtain the grades which will actually get you accepted at your chosen University. 

We appreciate that each course and each University is different and that each student wants different things. We pride ourselves on getting to know the student well enough in order to match them with the right course and University. 



  1. Interview with the student to obtain information concerning their academic and private interests.
  2. Academic assessment.
  3. Assistance in selecting a Degree course and the University. 
  4. Advice on the differences between courses across Universities.
  5. Statistical informations relating to Universities, e.g. satisfaction rates, average salary after graduation, etc.
  6. Guidance at the application stage.
  7. Advice on how to prepare the personal statement.
  8. Feedback on the personal statement.