There are over 400 boarding schools in the United Kingdom. To ensure you select and are able to secure a place at the right school for your child, it is crucial to obtain personalised, professional advice.

 At Boarding Schools Abroad, we are completely independent from the schools and we do not take any fee or commission from them.  This allows us to choose the schools we work with and most importantly to place the interests of the family and the children first.  

The British educational system is among the best in the world and its qualifications are recognised and valued around the world. It is one the most in demand educational systems, its success is mainly due to the personalised attention that it provides the students, who can always find a subject that motivates them from a range of options available: academic, sports, or artistic. 

 All children have a talent and boarding schools excel at working on finding and nurturing the child´s specific talent, enabling a positive impact on their overall self-esteem and self confidence.

 Most boarding schools are independent where fees are fully paid by the parents. There are also a number of state boarding schools, which are managed and financed by the Government and where parents need only pay the cost of boarding.

 Boarding schools exist in two categories: -

1.   Prep School - Students from 7 to 13 years old.

2.   Public Schools - Students from 11 or 13 years old to 18 years old

For more information about these types of schools please access below:


  1. We offer a bespoke search and on-going management service to parents. 
  2. Both Sarah and Sonia are permanently available before, during and after the school search process.
  3. Because Boarding Schools Abroad DOES NOT receive any commission from any schools, this allows us to be fully impartial when recommending schools ensuring we find the right school for your child.
  4. The schools with which we work have a high demand from English parents and children and the number of Spanish students permitted is very limited. In order to secure a place at popular schools we recommend starting the search at least one year in advance.
  5. We will deal with the management and reservation of a place at the selected school, in addition to the selection of extracurricular activities and support tuition should these be required.
  6. We can perform English tests and provide advice on entrance exams, should the school require this.
  7. Sarah Goslett can act as “legal guardian” of the children studying in the boarding school. Sarah will be in permanent contact with the schools to ensure the proper integration of the child.  
  8. We can provide educational counselling through Susana Villanueva, trained psychologists  who will be available for consultation before and during the stay in the school.

  9. We provide a personalised and detailed estimate of the total price of the stay.